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IHPA is an organization which fosters the professional and personal enhancement of Ismaili Health Professionals and promotes a tradition of service to others.

IHPA strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Foster the professional and personal development of Ismaili Health Professionals
  • Enhance networking among Ismaili Health Professionals, both nationally and internationally
  • Provide a resource base for health related humanitarian activities
  • Encourage and assist students to pursue careers in health related fields by serving as mentors, role models and advisors


Examples of IHPA sponsored activities include:

  • Opportunities for IHPA members to serve in health related volunteer positions, both nationally and internationally
  • Providing health domain specific expertise to institutions involved in health related activities in the developing world
  • Working in conjunction with other institutions to promote knowledge and awareness of health related topics within the Jamat and also in the broader community
  • Forums to promote networking and capacity building among Ismaili health professionals
  • Creating tools to assist students interested in allied health professions to identify mentors and foster their academic development


All IHPA members are expected to uphold the highest level of professional and ethical conduct.

IHPA membership is offered to:

  • Ismaili health professionals (including all allied health fields). This includes not only professionals who are currently involved in health related fields, but also people who have previously worked in or trained in health related fields
  • Students who are interested in pursuing careers in health related fields
  • Ismaili professionals from non-health related backgrounds (i.e. business, administration, teaching) whose professional activities lead them to interact in a meaningful way with health professionals or with the healthcare industry